Space For Us Too

The most common challenges parents face aren't always about how the kids are doing. Sometimes, the bigger issue is how parenthood changes your relationship with your partner. You might recognise this if it feels like you don't communicate as well since having children, or are arguing more often. You might even find there are so many other things to deal with that there just isn't time for talking or having a laugh together. All parents go through these or similar issues.

To help with this, we created Space for Us Too - a free, guided text message service that can give you space to breathe. The tips help to build positive habits in your relationship and family life, or to feel refreshed and recharged in yourself.

More about our service

Action for Children created this pilot service for parents in response to the things we know all families face. It used text messages written by experienced counsellors to help you spot, understand and act on the relationship issues that get in the way of a happy home life. The pilot has now finished and we are evaluating how it went.